L J Ch Giada Di Cacciola for Braccari (Imp Bel)



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Our sweet J CH Giada, campaigned by us to become the World's first FCI Champion Bracco from the UK,  has had an outstanding show career as a puppy, junior and now adult, throughout 9 European countries including the breed's homeland, Italy. In her first 4 UK Championship outings she took 4 BB/RBB & at Midland Counties 2008, at only 14 months old, she beat 63 other gundogs, including 20 Bracchi, to become Reserve Best Gundog.  Prestigiously placed in the top 3 by Italian breed club SABI ex-President in their June 2009 club match, Intermediate class, she was graded VERY GOOD at still only 1 year 11 months old. In 2011 she has swept the board in every class entered, notably taking another CAC in Holland, and being placed as Best Bitch (Open Class) by the current SABI President Dr Manfroni at a breed specialist Championship Show, with a glowing critique. Holder of tickets towards International, French, Luxemburg & Italian Champion status, & towards the International Show Champion title. Best Intermediate Bitch at the European Championship Show in 2009 and when competing at it again in 2011, she took Best Open Bitch . Bred from the best Italian bloodlines, including top current Champion working stock, Giada is the first UK Bracco (and still the ONLY female) to take adult Gundog Group 1st place at National Championship level.


Our beloved imported orange and white Bracco bitch is the carefully selected (Sep 07) result of a europe-wide search for some of the best Italian genetics closely carrying the older lines we prefer, producing dogs with proven mental & physical abilities in the field as well as superb conformation. If we look from the 5th generation, she is predominantly out of dei Ronchi/dei Bricchi/del Monte Alago lines, with renowned base bloodlines - including some of the very best dogs the breed has ever produced in Italy - in her  4th, 5th & 6th generation forebears.Her pedigree  is all-Italian bred/registered dogs except for her dam Elea, who was born, & whelped Giada, in Belgium, making her a Belgian import. Giada brought desperately needed total outcross Italian bloodlines to a very small UK gene pool. In fact in 2009 and 2010, having had Giada's well-publicised successes, type and difficult to find unique bloodlines go before, we note that to date no less than 4 UK Bracco kennels have confirmed our bloodline selection methods, later importing her half-sisters on the maternal side and using both her brother (Galantuomo di Cacciola) and 1st cousin (also on the maternal side only) on the Continent at stud to their own bitches in the hope of  improving their bloodlines.  Having said all that, Giada's exact pedigree remains totally unique in the United Kingdom amongst UK-resident Bracchi.




A working Italian background:  Until 2009, the 'Italian Champion' title in our breed meant a Bracco having been repeatedly successfully examined in a working environment as well as in the Championship show ring. Giada is daughter to male Italian Champion Pauso dei Bricchi, a highly successful working as well as show Bracco in Italy, whose sire - her grandsire- Italian Champion Lord della Foresta di Vallombrosa  was equally rated. On the maternal side, further strong working genes lie in Giada being granddaughter of Reno del Monte Alago , a male famed for being of great working ability- not shown but exclusively worked on partridge, woodcock & snipe in Italy. Worldwide, Giada's mother & her siblings are the ONLY progeny of this great fit-for-function dog. Reinforcing this already exciting immediate lineage, it should be noted that Reno is also brother to the world famousItalian World ChampionRivana del Monte Alago, Giada's great aunt. Behind but including these close relations, there are 35 Italian Champion Bracchi in only 6 generations & of course many dogs not titled but rich in working ability, like (as we experienced ourselves), Giada's dam Elea. Whether one works a Bracco oneself or not, natural ability is paramount to being breed-representative & exhibited to varying degrees by many non-worked as well as worked Bracchi: but never so strongly as when it has been actively developed over generations within a bloodline. A Bracco showing no natural aptitude whatsoever for hunting is definitively not a Bracco, says this strongly-held Italian premise. With Giada, as with our older male Cornelius, we are delighted to be able to enjoy this breed engaging so successfully with that natural ability.

Giada's loyalty & conduct on a character level are second to none: she is a true joy to own & love. 

As can be understood from the title she holds, she has had incomparable successes in the UK and international breed show rings already, in fact between 6 & 20 months ONLY she took  over 24 breed firsts/records for a UK reg'd Bracco.

As veteran UK gundog judge Gwen Mogford commented, she truly is "a star!"


WORLD BREED HISTORY (a few examples only!):

1st UK Bracco to win a World Canine Organisation Champion TITLE

1st UK Bracco (& the only female) to win adult Gundog GROUP 1st place at National Championship Level

1st & only UK Bracco to gain a Reserve ITALIAN Champion ticket